JBDE is a block/bubble diagram-editing tool written in Java that provides a graphical user interface to the whole process of drawing, saving, retrieving the diagram together with the conversion of the diagram description into VHDL.

The initial idea about this endeavor came when we realized how much time is spent in manually coding the whole ASIC design process. We thought that there must be a better way of actually describing the whole structure in a more graphical environment. This didn't mean that you would have to always work in that environment, this will be just a front-end to all the other design tools that use VHDL as their basis.

From this, emerged the idea of a block-diagram description tool in which you could connect the blocks in similar manner as the schematic capture tools were used in the beginning. In the same way, the block-diagram description tool can also include a bubble-diagram description tool that can be used for the synthesis of the HDL code for the control structures of the circuit.

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