MobileHomeCam is a software for streaming images (frame-by-frame) from web cameras on Windows Mobileā„¢ devices (Pocket PCs and Smartphones).

Start the desktop part. When launching the application for the first time, choose a username and a password. Choose the camera settings, and then the application starts to listen for incoming connections on the preferred port (1024 by default).
To see images from the webcamera, start the mobile part (on Pocket PC or Smartphone) and sign in using the same username and password as the desktop part.
Note: The connection between the mobile device and the desktop computer is TCP-based. If the desktop computer is behind a firewall, you must do port forwarding on the application port (by default 1024).

Desktop requirements:

Download and unzip it.

Pocket PC requirements:

To install the application, download the desktop installer MobileHomeCamPPC.exe, put the PocketPC in the cradle and double-click the file.
More advanced users can use the CAB files directly: MobileHomeCam_PPC.CAB

Windows Smartphone requirements:

To install the game, download the desktop installer MobileHomeCamSMPH.exe, connect the smartphone to your desktop via ActiveSync and double-click the file.
More advanced users can use the CAB file directly: MobileHomeCam_SMPH.CAB.