Math equations
Crystal ball
XAML Browser Pad
Valentin Iliescu

Crystal ball

Mind reading game.

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What's New
10. February. 2007
Updated the samples for the final version of .NET 3.0.

12. September. 2006
Updated the samples for RC1.

15. July. 2006
Updated the samples for June 2006 CTP.

12. June. 2006
Updated the samples for Beta 2. Added extra samples and removed some.

15. March. 2006
Updated the samples for Feb CTP. Added portal UI sample.

16. January. 2006
Added source code for all the samples.

20. December. 2005
Updated the binaries for Dec CTP. Added math equations sample.

10. October. 2005
Added Amazon product links - Avalon version.

23. September. 2005
Updated Chess for Sep 2005 CTP.

12. September. 2005
Bug fix for Chess.

21. August. 2005
New site.